We will be test driving some of the content and activities from the ¡Aventura! series of textbooks.

Chapter 01
Listening activities and worksheets

Communicative Activities

Type in your answers worksheets for Chapter One
You are required to do 5 of these worksheets.  When you are done, you need to save the document on your flash drive or on your student drive.  Then you will need to upload your worksheets to Google Drive and share them with Sr. Lage.

Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

La Quinceañera Reading
Thoroughly read the following articles and then take the quiz on Quia.  The link to your class' quiz page is found on Sr. Lage's Spanish Class homepage.


Book 01 Chapter 01


Link to all quizzes for this vocab set

Spanish 01: Expresate Book 01 Chapter 01 Calendar (subject to change)

Day 01
  • Hand out Chapter Calendar
  • Revisit Website
  • Individually fill out vocabulary sheets by using the text book
  • Go over vocabulary sheets (1-15).  Students will check the remaining words on Quizlet.
  • Assign Vocabulary Quiz Numbers.
  • Standard Deviants Video: Small talk and worksheets
  • Power Point and assignments for Part 01 of today
    • Make bingo cards for the questions on your vocabulary list.  Read the directions.
    • Quiz #1 Crossword
    • Study for Quiz #1

Day 02
  • Quiz #1
  • Go over quiz
  • Lecture: subjects and verbs; order of subjects and verbs in Spanish statements and questions; answering questions. Screen shots of presentation.
  • Subjects video shown in class
  • Play Bingo
Day 03  Speaking/ Grammar/ Listening
  • Quiz #2
  • Go over quiz
  • Go over homework from Day 02
  • Book activities # 1 (listening), 2, 3, 4 (as a class), 5 (listening), 6-10 (listening), 11.  Write everything out.
Day 04 1 o’clock dismissal
Day 06: Mid term
  • Quiz #4
  • Go over quiz
  • Review for Quizzes Vocabulario 1, Gramática 1, and Aplicación 1
    • Study for Mid-term

Test Day
  • Take mid-term quizzes.
  • Go over mid-terms
Day 07
  • Quiz #5
  • Go over quiz
  • Lecture over asking for phone numbers, telling time, stating the date, asking for emails and spelling things out. Videos from class.  Presentation.  Objective answers.
  • Book activities, 20-30.  Write everything out.
  • CA # 12-16; CVG # 20-26; Answers  (White Packet)
Day 08
  • Quiz #6
  • Go over quiz
  • Go over book activities and Homework from Day 07
  • Lecture over Ser and it’s conjugations and punctuation marks and accents.  Captures from lecture.
  • Book activities, 32-37.  Write everything out.
  • Oral Quiz Handout
  • Oral Quiz Handout Key
  • CA # 17-21; CVG # 27-32; answers  (Green Packet)
Day 09
  • Go over book activities and Homework from Day 08
  • Watch Expresavisión 2 and worksheet
  • Review for Quizzes Vocabulario 2, Gramática 2, and Aplicación 2-Hand out study guide – (Mid-term exam 2)
Day 10
  • Chris' test for for second half of unit
  • Take quizzes.
  • Go over quizzes in class.
  • Hand out Chapter test study guide.
  • Review for Chapter Test.

Day 11
  • Take Chapter Test
3 enero (Day 01)
  • Go over Spanish alphabet, vowels, questions for oral exam. 
  • Introduce words that start with letters of the alphabet
  • You will be quizzed over the spelling and meaning of these starting Day 02
  • Pdf of power point from class
  • Pdf of packet given in class

HW due at the beginning of Day 02:
  • Study the spelling and meaning of alphabet words
  • Practice responses to the alphabet and vowel questions
  • Alphabet video shown in class
  • Vowel video shown in class
  • Flashcards

7 enero (Day 02)
  • Review alphabet and vowels questions as a class. 
  • Take Alphabet Words Quiz 01 (15 randomly chosen words from the list)
  • Spanish Alphabet and Pronunciation Video and worksheets

HW due at the beginning of Day 02
  • Study the spelling and meaning of alphabet words
  • Practice responses to the alphabet and vowel questions
  • Complete the Algunas palabras que empiezan con las letras del alfabeto worksheet

9 enero (Day 03)
  • Review alphabet and vowels questions as a class. 
  • Take Alphabet Words Quiz 02 (15 randomly chosen words from the list)
  • Alphabet Bingo
  • Alphabet crosswords and word searches due at the end of class.

11 enero (Day 04) 2:00 Dismissal
  • Oral exam of questions about the alphabet and vowels. 
  • You will be asked the questions in Spanish and you will need to answer in complete Spanish sentences. 
  • You will not be able to use your packet.
  • Bring something quiet to work on because the whole period will be dedicated to taking the exam individually and it will need to be quiet.
You will find links the assignment and resources for this project here (at the bottom of the page).  You may also use the links you used for the map assignment, which was posted before.  Things to remember:
  • Put the name of the web page you got your information from in your outline. 
  • Vary your resources.  DO NOT rely too much on one source. 
  • Make sure you paraphrase in your notes.  Google searches that return word for word phrases or sentences on your outlines/presentations will result in receiving ZERO points for that assignment.
These are requirements for your outline.  If you do not follow these, points will be deducted from your final score.

You will find access to the assignments below:

Links for the Outline Assignment
  • Calendar
  • Outline Assignment
  • What you need to do to Exceed Expectations- ask me if you have questions
  • This is an example of what your outline should be looking like
  • Outline Skeleton.  Transfer your handwritten notes to this document and submit YOUR DRAFT by Thursday 8 November 3:30 to the drop box for you class.  You must use MS Word for this.  I will be making comments directly into the document you submit.  Continue to work on your draft for your final outline submission 21 November at 2:00.
  • Rubric for the grading of the Final Outline Assignment

Links for the Presentation Assignment

  • Presentation Assignment
  • Presentation Calendar
  • An example of a Good Presentation.  Use this to help you guide your design of your presentation.  This is just an example of the organization.  Of course, your presentation will look better and have more information than this.

More Resources
Kid Info- Various country related resources you can use.
CIA World Fact Book- Great resource

REMEMBER VARY YOUR RESOURCES!  You will find more information and have a better outline if you do.

Outline Analysis Assignment
You can find the assignment here.  Please type this assignment.  You may submit this to me as a Google Document.

(This project has been adapted from the one by Luis Venegas, Hanford West High School)

After a quick discussion about Spanish speaking countries in class, I gave you a packet of maps to fill in.  Go to the following sites and fill in your maps writing the country's name and its capital using the information you find on these sites.  Use only these sites.

North America

Central America, The Caribbean
South America

Download the maps.
Download the PowerPoint.

HOMEWORK: Study the Spanish speaking countries and capitals using the resources below.

Check your knowledge of the capitals of Spanish speaking countries and the countries around them with the quizzes below.  You may use these as ways to help you study or while we are studying in class.  It is highly recommended that you use other methods of studying as well:

European Countries
European Capitals
Europe Identification

South America
South American Countries
South American Capitals
Central and South America Identification

North and Central America, The Caribbean
Cities and Capitals
Caribbean Identification

Africa Identification

You will be quizzed over these in class so make sure you study these well and often.  Your quiz will be on the day indicated on your Unit Calendar.